Vanessa Marie Miller

chVrch coaching Holistic health coach and counsellor

Does your body honour YOU?

Our bodies are our vehicle for self-expression in this lifetime. It’s important that we feel comfortable and confident within them so we can manifest our true purpose.

Why ChVrch Coaching Services?

How we feel, live and look in our bodies impacts our overall happiness and ability to live this life as we are meant to.
We are not all meant to look the same, to move the same weight, or to run the same distance. But we are certainly all allowed to put our effort and attention towards our own physical aspirations. There is no shame in wanting your body to be different and more empowering for you. 
Working with me means following through on your intentions and achieving goals that were set by you.

ChVrch Membership

This online group membership provides you with the opportunity to come alongside other women as you heal your relationship with food, nutrition and movement. In addition to live group workouts and emotional regulation sessions, you’ll have access to an extensive library of workouts which can be done in a gym or at home. You’ll receive nutrition education via pre-recorded videos and have the opportunity to consult/ask questions from other members and registered nutrition/training professionals.

You’ll reflect via food and workout journaling privately as well as learn from others with shared recipes and meal inspiration.

Group Sessions are led live with Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Health/Fitness Coach
Vanessa Miller, BScN, PFT.

Membership is free and accessible for anyone of any fitness ability, ailment, or body confidence issue.

Nutrition Coaching

1:1 Private Coaching for nutritional needs, health or body goals. Utilizing modalities best suited for each individuals body type, lifestyle, starting point and goals, nutrition coaching can get you to the place you know you and your body thrive. Intuitive eating, binge recovery, functional performance, weight loss, keto, intermittent fasting and macro delegation can all be components of each individual’s care plan. 

Personal Training

Fall back in love with movement and your body by receiving direction and encouragement from ACE Certified Personal Trainer Vanessa Miller. Sessions can involve goal setting, personalized training, workout creation, equipment navigation, movement assessment and more depending on what you’re ready to achieve. Sessions are available in person if local to Kootenay/Boundary area either at your home or a community location/facility.

Sessions can also be performed online with all the same offerings as above including live, interactive workouts.

Your session can be private or shared with a partner or even small group.

Daughters Project

Private Counselling

Sometimes weight and food issues evolve from trauma or relational issues that can’t be navigated with food and exercise. Private Counselling sessions can be useful to address underlying emotional or spiritual issues that are contributing to weight and body image problems. Sessions can involve psychological analysis, behavior change theory, spiritual consultation including tarot and reiki healing.