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Does your body honour YOU?

Our bodies are our vehicle for self-expression in this lifetime. It’s important that we feel comfortable and confident within them so we can manifest our true purpose.

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Why You're Here

You’ve come to this page because you’re ready to surrender the pain of hating your body. You’re exhausted from doing “all the right things” and not achieving or sustaining your goals. Because of this, you often feel less worthy. What you want is to show up fully in your life, your relationships, and your career – You want Joy.
You’re ready for education, and you’re ready for meaningful change. 

Why Holistic Nutrition Counselling?

You’re welcome to be empowered in your body. When women struggle with weight and body issues, they are robbed of the confidence, ambition and joy they are entitled to. Knowing that our bodies reflect our true selves, we are more able to show up in our world and share our unique gifts with others.
How we feel, live and look in our bodies impacts our overall happiness and ability to live this life as we are meant to.
We are not all meant to look the same, to move the same weight, or to run the same distance. But we are certainly all allowed to put our effort and attention towards our own physical aspirations. There is no shame in wanting your body to be different and more empowering for you. 
Working with me means following through on your intentions and achieving goals that were set by you.

Are You Ready To Become Empowered?​

Our journey together will be one of both education and self-exploration. We will transcend nutrition beliefs, behaviours and environments that keep us confined within a body that doesn’t honour our soul. You must be ready to be authentic. 

Also, our journey is honest. It involves a willingness to step into the darkness so you can live in LIGHT.

ChVrch Fitness Membership

Journey into Food and Weight Healing via this self-directed program with the option to include private 1:1 sessions if required.

  • Watch educational videos on how to eat for optimal health (hormone balance, enhanced sleep, reduced stress, craving reduction, improved mood, etc.)
  • Additional videos on intuition, lifestyle, how to move your body best, relationships, boundaries and parenting for healthy eating habits
  • Access to hand-crafted, functional workouts, community chats, private food and workout journalling
  • Perform self-directed reflections and thought provoking check-ins in format easily provided for you
  • Attend live community sessions and Q&A for not only nutrition but other topics and counsellors in the realms of boundaries, parenting, sexuality, spirituality and more
  • Book private, nutrition, holistic counselling or energy sessions on an as needed basis

Empowered Daughters Project

4 Week program for girls aged 12-18 who are struggling with their weight and confidence. Package includes concrete nutrition/movement guidance, thoughtful self-reflection and emotional regulation tools.

This program also empowers mothers to nurture their daughter’s healing and nutrition journey by including them in the process. Mothers and caregivers receive access to the same nutritional and emotional resources plus additional content/tools to guide them in fostering a nutritional and emotional environment that promotes healing, confidence and intuition.

Daughters Project
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Women’s Mentorships

Experience true transformation with highly individualized, holistic body empowerment counselling. Together we address your food, eating, exercise, beliefs, behaviours, goals and relationships so they can empower you in your body and bring you home to your authentic self.

Program Details: 
Weekly 1:1 online counselling sessions in addition to app access for journaling, chat, food discussion, workout sharing, metric/goal tracking and more.