About Me

My journey towards body empowerment has been long. Starting as a young teen, I remember isolating myself due to poor self-esteem. I attempted to find confidence at the gym or at the track, but I was still never seeing what I wanted to see in the mirror. I restricted to nothing but an apple at school only to come home and binge on anything in the cupboard. The amount of frustration I felt was immeasurable. No matter what, when I looked in the mirror, I saw failure. 

The solution was twofold. I started nourishing my body and properly fuelling myself. Using food and exercise as an expression of self-love vs. an enemy. The second piece involved facing my demons and learning why I had such a negative relationship with my physical appearance. It took a lot of work to uncover what caused me to repeat those beliefs in my head, but it was necessary for true recovery. Because the truth is when we believe so whole heartedly that we are not enough, and we aren’t capable, our body listens. And it won’t provide us with the opportunity to expand beyond that.

I’m here to tell you your goals are attainable if you’re willing to do both sides of the work. And you can be in this world as an empowered, confident woman, truly at peace with herself and her body. 

In addition, I live this life as a woman in my 30s in the mountains of BC which is where I’m from. I have a beautiful daughter who has been my inspiration through all this. I strive to set a good example of healthy eating and healthy confidence. In our house we celebrate beauty, celebrate bodies and do not live a life in shame. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and worked extensively as a nurse for over 10 years including positions of adolescent mental health, eating disorders and addictions until I found my true calling and passion which is helping girls and women expand into their greatness. In addition to my training and background in counselling therapy, I hold a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach Certificate and a Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma in addition to being an ACE Certified PT. My dream is to witness the next generation of women experience life without shame and create a world where love and resilience are in abundance.